With a Preschooler at Home Science in the Kitchen

We love the kind of curiosity our children posses, they learn & absorb everything around them, and so what's there better way to engage their curiosity through some experiments.

Here are few things from kitchen that will amuse your child and keep them busy and engaged. Our kitchen is a mini science laboratory they carry all the material required for our activity. So let's begin:

  • Bouncing Egg: Ask your child to throw an egg in the sink & see what happens, it breaks now have your child add an egg in a jar of vinegar & observe it after a day, the shell cracks but the egg inside can be bounced on the kitchen platform.
  • Marble Milk: This is an exciting experiment with simple ingredients, we need some milk, 2 or 3 shades of food colour, tooth pick & dish soap. We need to take milk in a bowl or a round plate adds few drops of food colour but don’t stir it! Now dip the toothpick into the dish soap, them into the milk, use the toothpick to swirl the colours & see how colours run forming a marble effect.
  • Shinny Coins: Teach your child to take care of pennies by helping them shine, you can take ½ cup of white vinegar a teaspoon of salt; now add all old silver coins in it, let your child count 1 to 100 & rinse the coins, you will see your shinny pennies there.
  • Colour Bombs: Have your child take 2 glasses of water add some oil to form the top layer, add some food colour in each glass, the colour settles at the top of the oil base, wait for a minute or 2 & you will see the water level giving a beautifully effect of the colour.

With these simple experiments your children will learn a lot more; each day at Lexicon Kids as Science experiments are a vital part of our curriculum, to know more kindly visit Lexicon Kids.