Caterpillar to Butterfly


Lkg And Ukg


"C2B." This program is meticulously planned to bring out the best in Children.

"Give the pupils something to do, not something to learn; and the doing is of such nature as to demand thinking: learning naturally results."
Jhon Dewey

The activities conducted in C2B are specifically designed for LKG and UKG students. To ensure holistic development in alignment of the school's philosophy, every child is introduced to topics selected from the curriculum and its learning is showcased to parents in innovative manner, keeping the theory of multiple intelligences in mind.

The activity is child centric and the focus is on development of new skills like stage performance, good orator skills, using technology confidently in the form of microphones. The child is involved from hosting the show, to participating in diverse manners like role-play, singing, skit performance, quiz, and giving presentations to the parents and faculty.

This activity helps develop a strong parent teacher relationship to work parallel and help the child to develop confidence, grit, sharpen language skills and encourage out of the box thinking.

Children are provided this opportunity to make their ideas and choices of topics through exploration, Investigation and socializing.