7 Ways to Help Your Child Develop Positive Self Esteem

“Why fit in, you were born to stand out” Dr. Suess. It is very important that the children are encouraged to have positive self-esteem. Children who feel good about themselves are more confident and are more receptive to the changes in day-to-day life. They have the confidence to try new things and face failure positively. It is prerogative that as an adult parents and teachers help children develop positive self- esteem.

How to develop positive self-esteem:

Self-esteem can begin as early as in the infant stage. It is developed over a period of time with the child feeling safe, cared and loved. As the child grows the self-esteem also grows making the child confident and ready to take on new challenges.

Ways to develop positive self-esteem:
  1. Believe in yourself: Encourage children to believe in their strengths and their abilities. That each one of us is different but blessed with unique abilities or skills. And if we put in hard work, we can achieve our goals. Encourage them to try out new things. When they successfully accomplish them, it will make the child feel capable and will give them confidence that they cannot only tackle challenges but also overcome them.
  2. Unconditional love: It is very important that the children feel secure and safe. It gives them a sense of security and belonging which is important for them to know their self-worth. It helps them foster positive relationships later in life. It is very important for the children to know that no matter what, you are there by their side to support them, to lend them a helping hand less they fall. Let them know that you love them unconditionally. Show them not only through kind words but also through gestures. Hug them, kiss them, snuggle in the bed together and read a story book, watch movies together. As the child grows it will help them build healthy relationships with friends and peers.
  3. Offer appropriate praise: It is important for your child to know that you care for them, but be careful to offer appropriate praises. Be wise, while it is good to praise children to show that you are proud of them, do not do it for the heck of it. It should appear earned, so that it encourages the child to work towards achieving things by putting in considerable effort. When the praise is hard earned, it will also help the child build confidence.
  4. Encourage them to choose a skill and develop It: Identify the areas of strengths for your child and discuss the same with your child. Encourage your child to put in efforts to hone his/her skills, take professional help if need be. When the child is good at a certain skill and gets praised for the same by his friends and peers. It gives them a certain feeling of self-worth.
  5. Treat your children with respect: It is very important that as an adult you value your words and choose them wisely with the children. What a child hears about themselves is what a child perceives himself to be. It has a lasting impact on the child and harms his self-esteem in a big way. As adults, we are required to correct them, guide them, but we are expected to do it with patience without causing undue damage to their self-esteem.
  6. Establishing a goal and achieving It: Children should be encouraged to pursue realistic goals. They may be guided at first how to do things, then allowed to do all by themselves even if they make mistakes. But once they fulfill the task, they will take pride in it.
  7. Encourage them to seek responsibilities:Children should be involved in the day to chores, it could be as simple as helping in laying and clearing the table or watering the plants and appreciate them appropriately for helping. Slowly it will become a way of life for them and they would themselves look forward to offer help and contribute in day-to-day activities. This will encourage them to seek responsibilities and learn to take ownership of the task achieved.

At Lexicon Kids, we strongly believe that each child is different but blessed with unique abilities or skills which are nurtured time and again so that they become the best part of themselves. Children are encouraged to believe in themselves and put in considerable efforts making them confident and ready to face challenges in life with success.