Age Appropriate Chores for 2-18yrs

There are many benefits of having children help around the home. Giving children chores can make them feel wanted, teach important life skills & help ease the workload of parents.

Each toddler can complete simple tasks around the home. One of the most exciting things they do is “copy”, this is the primary way they learn about their world around them.

It is important that they need supervision with certain chores. Eventually they try & complete them e.g.: (2 to 5 years.)

  • Put their toys away
  • Place table mats on the table
  • Help to make beds
  • Pile up books & magazines on shelves or tables
  • Match socks together
  • Water the plants

Once they start with formal schooling, they become more responsible & will sometimes start rebelling against the idea of helping around with household chores; however, with patience, we have to explain that they are expected to help around the home & they can usually do the following chores. (5-10 years)

  1. Clean their own bedrooms
  2. Put away groceries
  3. Arrange the living room
  4. Put away their laundry
  5. Empty the dustbin
  6. Mop the house
  7. Make their own snacks using fireless evoking recipes

Preteens or middle age schoolers can do many tasks on their own without contrast reminders. At this age, many families make a task list for children. These activities not only make children self – reliance & be responsible: (10-18 years)

  1. Wash the dishes
  2. Wash ear
  3. Take family dog for walk
  4. Babysit a younger sibling
  5. Help parents with banking work
  6. Iron clothes
  7. Resew buttons on clothing

Children are much more capable than we think, a 2 year old can also help around in the house making their parents life easier & better. Do have your children help you & witness the confident young child in making.