TEACHER : A mother in school.

Mother is the first teacher in a child's life and the teacher is a mother in school. A child learns the basics like walking, talking, and then the social skills from the mother. Similarly, the child looks up to his/her teacher in the school for solving all his/her problems-big or small. Parents and teachers together can help the child in not only having a good academic progress but also acquire an all-round development with co-curricular activities, “to become valued citizens of the world”. This is our vision at The Lexicon Schools.

To realize the vision with the parents, The Lexicon Schools, have their unique and innovative features like the Weekly Reports, Multiple Intelligences, Bloom’s Taxonomy, C2B, RSQM, Mental Math, Research and Development, Special Assemblies and Innovative assemblies-to mention only a few. Good parenting tips by the Lexicon Schools makes parenting easier and enjoyable!!

Weekly Reports prepared by The Lexicon teachers and distributed to the parents through students. It gives a notice to the parents, at a glance, about the academic as well as co-curricular activities along with the highlights of the week. Further, once a month, the Buzz is prepared by teachers and senior students. The gives an overview of what was done throughout the month assuring the parents that they have rightly chosen The Lexicon Schools for their children.

C2B is the brainchild of our guiding star, our Director Dr. Monisha Sharma. It is a journey from a caterpillar to a butterfly, wherein a particular chapter is selected from the curriculum and presented in the form of songs, dance, role play, quiz and games for the parents. The entire program is done by the students. Each and every student in the class takes part in it. As the name suggests, The Lexicon teachers strive and train enthusiastically the little ones of the junior classes in C2B.In higher classes, this aspect is taken over as - Research and Development. The senior students, well trained to face the audience confidently, take up a topic on current affairs and present it to their parents. The children acknowledge that The Lexicon Schools have given them the best opportunity for developing their personality.

Children at The Lexicon School are never overburdened with homework. Teachers try to complete most of the work in school giving adequate time for the students to enjoy free time with their parents, friends, and family.

The Lexicon Schools ensure that school life is an enjoyable journey for the children as well as their parents. The Diwali Mela, the Book Fair etc. are some events in the school that they can enjoy together. Parents are also welcomed, trained and given an opportunity to be a part of The Annual Concert of the school. In high spirits, the students of The Lexicon Schools watch their parents perform on stage!!!

PTMs are held regularly. There are 7 PTMs in an academic year. These are the platforms where the parents and the teachers discuss how to bring out the best in the child. Be it academics, co-curricular, sports or values, parents and teachers discuss everything that will help the child enhance his/her personality.

Education is derived from a Latin word meaning bringing up or rearing. It is truly followed here, at The Lexicon Schools. The parents and the teachers work as the 2 wheels. They traverse the same path together and build a solid foundation for the future of the students. Together we synergize for the best output. We are disciplined without the fear of fall because at The Lexicon Schools we certainly know:

How to “rise after every fall” As the Lexicon School is “the best school of all….”