What Makes Children Forget Their Manners

Throwing a tantrum, saying awful things , not respecting adults , showing ill mannerism - parents are concern about these bad behavior of their children. However they don't analyze the origin of bad manners. There are many factors which affect the child's mannerism:

  1. Poor Parenting: Lack of love & attention at the right age makes child insecure & he/she feels neglected at times, a parent who implements consistent rules & always criticizes the child may create a misbehaved child.
  2. Surrounding: Children are very good at observing, hence we have to be mindful when they are around; using 5 golden letter words in your daily life will help them incorporate the same, hence it is very important to give your child an appropriate surrounding to grow & shine.
  3. Abuse : If the child is going through any kind of abuse physically or mentally scares the child & if they are not able to communicate the same it is shown in their manners, destructive behavior, and insecurity are the results of this which displays fear & aggression.
  4. Changes : Children are always set in a particular routine any change in their daily set is also a factor that impacts their behavior even simple things like addition of a sibling, change of place or school. They are unable to communicate their emotions which causes poor behavioral pattern.
  5. Lack of Appreciation : It is a very common habit amongst parents to always notice when children do anything wrong, however children do many right thing at times on their own which go unnoticed, they feel that praising or appreciating is not required as it is no big deal.

But children always look forward to some appreciation or a pat on their back, failing to this parents see a change in their behavior.

So, big or small everything matters, keeping guiding & praising your children as it really means a lot to them.