Ways To Prevent Smartphone Addiction In Kids

Children nowadays ignore their parents voice, and they ignore it when their parents are calling them while using smartphone. Do you know why? Because they are addicted to smartphones. Children nowadays are restless, because they spent their most of the time in front of the Television or smartphone. You cannot keep on scolding them whenever they are using smartphone. The addiction of smart phone leads to many problems such as eyesight, difficulty in learning, etc. But the question here is how you can limit the use of smartphone in children. I would like to highlight few points that may prove to be helpful for your child to limit the screen time.

Be A Role Model For Your Child

Children try to imitate most of the things that they see around them, or they see their parents and try to imitate them. If they see you using smartphones, they will join you for sure, but if they see you writing or reading something they will act the same way.

Being a good Parent

Make rules like how much time should your child use smartphone and follow it strictly with your child. Sometimes, these decisions may be tough but to be a good parent implement these rules so that your child follows it and is not addicted to the smartphone. In this way they can be closer to you instead of that Smartphone.

Set Time Limits

Tell your child that you are not telling them to stop watching television or a smartphone, but it would be a time limit for watching. Make sure that they watch only one show during the day. More than one would not be appreciated.

Involve In Other Activities

Encourage children to play different games i.e indoor games such as carrom, chess, snake and ladder, puzzles, etc or outdoor games such as Cricket, football, hockey so that they enjoy physical activities.

Use of Gadgets

Do not give your child gadgets unless and until it is necessary. This would make them dependent on gadgets that would spoil the child.

Make Time To Play With Your Kids

I know when both parents work it is difficult to manage time and give more time to your child. But it is necessary to spend more time with your children, if you fail to spend time with your child then they make friendship with these gadgets.

Be Present In Their Lives

It may be easier for a parent to just handover a smartphone to their child and continue doing their own work. This makes your child go away from you. Hence, observe your child, listen to them and ask them if they need anything.

You would find these things difficult to follow but please remember these helps a child to get less addicted to the smartphones and enjoy your company.

How To Make General Knowledge Exciting In Preschool

General Knowledge is important in life of every child. General knowledge promotes general awareness in children. General knowledge aims to provide information of all the things that happens around us. Usually, this subject is not given importance by schools and parents. It also helps the child in learning many things and take part in many competitions further. General knowledge should be taught to children by using many various activities and different methods. I would like to highlight some of the Ways that would make general knowledge exciting for children.

Use Toys And Puzzles

Games such as football, hockey, cricket as general awareness attached to it. For example, you can hockey is said to be a national game of India. You can Explain children about these games and the facts related to the games. Children might take some time to understand about the game but when you start playing with kids, they would understand it better.

Speak About How They Can See Different Colours And Lights Around Them

In preschool every child has been taught about colours. You can explain them about primary and secondary colours and how are secondary colours formed by mixing two colours. You can do it practically and allow them as well to do the same. Children love to play with colours. Later, you can make them identify different colours of the rainbow.

Speak About Nature

Nature plays an important role in General knowledge. There is a lot of things hidden to learn about in the nature. The more we excel the more we get to know about it. You should engage the children in nature so that they get to learn many things about it. You can also take the children to the nearby garden or a zoo so that they learn about animals and plants. They will love to see the animals, plants and flowers and as well learn about it.

Use Picture Card Games

Another most important thing to make learning general knowledge exciting is by using picture cards. You find many different picture cards such as fruits, vegetables and many more that may make children learn things easily. They are attractive and children find it easy and happy to learn things.

Organise Tours and Picnics

You can take children to nearby places where the kids can learn something new and exciting. Make them understand the things like sun, moon, water, mountain, etc. Children do not learn within the four walls. This would just stop their mental growth.

General knowledge provides information about environment and surroundings. Children are curious and excited to learn about the world around them. While working on the curriculum schools, teachers and curriculum designers should involve general knowledge as an integral part of every subject. This helps the children's curiosity to increase and grow as they get more information.

Security Facilities That Make Preschools Safe

Security Facilities in a preschool is a complicated issue. It is important to ensure proper security of each child. It plays a crucial role in the quality of learning. It influences children, teachers, administrators, and parents in many ways. It is everyone's responsibility present in school to promote school safety and security.
I would list some of the ideas that American schools have adapted successfully to provide good safety and security measures.

  1. Keep proper tracking of the entryways. Whenever someone wishes to enter the school premises make sure he enters his details such as name, mobile number, purpose of visiting school, time, and time out well.
  2. Regular inspections should take place in schools. While inspecting check for the doors and windows. The doors and windows should not be damaged.
  3. Keep a track on the Parking lot. You can have a CCTV surveillance and a person monitoring it. He should keep a track of People entering and leaving the campus.
  4. Monitor common areas such as playgrounds, hallways and cafeteria that are used by students. You can add a CCTV surveillance here as well to avoid any mishap.
  5. Promoting partnerships with school can improve safety measures for children such as police surveillance. There are many communities that can help promote safety measures.
  6. Keep a note of school persons that include teachers and security guards.
  7. Keep a track on Visitors. Visitors should have a badge. Any stranger that is been seen should be reported to school office.
  8. School should be prepared for any type of crisis that may occur. People should be trained to handle emergency situations that could occur.
  9. Children should also be trained and encouraged to take part in keeping the school and school premises safe. Appreciate the children that shows responsibility in keeping the schools safe.
  10. Set strict rules for Violence. Strict action should be taken under violence prevention programs.

These were the few points that would help to keep the preschools safe.

Inspiring Life Lessons That Make Children Confident

Every parent wishes that their child should be confident. But fail to understand how one should start with to make children confident. Confidence should be there in children without arrogance.

The brilliant Albert Einstein said, “If you can't explain it to a six-year-old, you don't understand it yourself.”

To make your child confident you must be confident in yourself first. I will highlight few pointers to make your child confident.

  1. Encourage your child to different activities and involve in the things that they love to do it. Every child is different and can be confident in different things. So, you know your child better by exposing to different activities.
  2. Children have different imaginations. Let them imagine as this would help them to visualize things and learn easily.
  3. Their dreams would not be real. Do not demotivate. Encourage them because at least they are thinking about their goals.
  4. Your child may face many difficulties. That’s completely okay. Let them face difficulties and find a solution to their difficulties. Tell them you are there to help them out if they need you but give them a chance to deal with their things.
  5. To be confident in life, make your child understand that it is okay to take risks and fail rather than not getting involved. Allow them to try out things and take risks. In this way they can deal with many challenges ahead.
  6. Set an example of confidence in your everyday life. Your child will learn many things from you. So, make sure you do something in your day-to-day life so that they learn to be confident.

These were few points that may help your child to be confident.

How To Cure Child Obesity ?

Nowadays, Child obesity is very common in children. Childhood Obesity tends to stay for a longer period if it is not cured. Childhood obesity leads to many diseases if not cured on time. It may lead to diseases such as

  • Diabetes
  • High Cholesterol
  • Asthma
  • Eating disorders

Childhood Obesity treatment includes change in your child's eating habits and increase in the physical activity. In rare cases, the child would require medications or weight-loss surgery. Children that have obesity may require to change eating habits and decrease their weight by at least 1 pound a month (i.e., about 0.5 kilogram). Older children that have obesity may also require to change eating habits and decrease their weight by at least 2 pounds a week (i.e., about 1 kilogram).

I would like to highlight few things that may help a child to cure obesity.

  1. Eating Healthy food : Parents often buy groceries and tend to buy packed food such as biscuits, cookies, chips, etc. You must avoid buying food that are packed. They contain high sugar, fat and calories. Instead, you can buy fruits and vegetables that may prove very healthy for a child. You can give them fruit juices that are prepared at home. Sweet beverages contain high level of sugars in it that may make your child full without eating much. This lacks in avoiding healthy food. Limit intake of fast food as they contain high levels of fats and calories in it. Children do not eat food as much as the adults eat. So, whenever you feed a child give them food in small portions. If they are still hungry, they can ask for more. And lastly, sit together while eating.
  2. Involve your child more in Physical activities : It is important to involve children in physical activities. Physical exercises such as skipping, Running, jumping, etc helps in burning calories. It also strengthens bones and make muscles stronger. This helps the children to stay active all day and have a good sleep at night.
    You should make sure that your child gets involved in physical activities more and more. You should take care that your child does not watch television or smartphone for more than 2 hours a day. If they are addicted to the video or computer games, you must replace that time by physical activities. Involve your child in free play games such as hide and seek, tag or jump rope. This helps the children to remain active and burn calories. Pay heed to your child’s interest. If your child loves cycling involve them in cycling and if your child loves reading get them books so that they are busy with their books.
    Lastly, success comes after some hard work. So, while you are helping your child to cope up with obesity it is important for you to be patient and dedicated towards whatever you do. You will surely succeed in your efforts. Just be committed and wait for the great change that will make a big difference in your child’s life. As you know that child obesity can be cured.