Tips To Getting Your Child To Try New Foods

Feeding kids can be really hard work? Trying to get them try new things can be challenging at times, here are some tips that can be helpful for you.

  • Children enjoy deciding what menu should be there for lunch/dinner, talk to them while planning a meal.
  • Have a gadget free meal time; make sure that you have family time while having meal this will help you talk about the new food being introduced.
    That's touching, smelling; build up to this in their own time. Patience is key.
  • Children at this age like to copy; so be mindful while ordering food; they might explore what's in your plate.
  • Threatening and scolding can cause more harm & your child will resist that particular food always, encouragement will help well.
  • Try giving new things in a smaller quantity & balance it with the things they like, this will help them in to try something new.
  • Give them more than one option to try particular food for eg: carrot; they can have raw carrot or as a paratha or in form of a soup let them choose how they try that food.
  • Try new things at breakfast time; as this is the time when the child is hungriest & most likely to try something new.

I hope these tips will be helpful we can help you with more of this type of tips as a part of our good manners & etiquettes topic as a part of our curriculum at Lexicon Kids.