Simple Guide to Phonics for children

English language has 26 alphabets and each alphabet has different sound. There total 44 sounds. Some of these sounds are made up of 2 are 3 letter sounds. 2 letter words are called diagraphs and 3 letter words are called trigraphs.

Phoneme - which means a sound as it is said.

Grapheme - which means a sound as it is said.

Diagraphs - Two letters that join together to make the same sound

Trigraphs - Three letters that join together to make the same sound

Children when taught alphabets using phonics are found to learn to spell the word and read easily and accurately. This builds up confidence in the child and instils love for reading at an early age. Instead of making the child memorize hundreds of words. The child is taught sounds, which works as a code. The child learns to decode the words and learn to read effortlessly. Once the children are familiar with the 44 different sounds, reading comes easily and naturally to them.

How phonics is taught at Lexicon Kids ?

Children are taught alphabets using Jolly Phonics. The first lesson being teaching children to listen to different sounds and differentiate between them. The sound of each letter is taught by the teacher in a fun-way using sounds and rhymes. By constant re-enforcement, it is re-enforced.

As the children progresses to learn single letter sounds of the alphabet, they move on to learn 2 and 3 letter words. Phonics is used for listening, writing as well as reading. The children are encouraged to spell phonetically and then write. We at Lexicon Kids, understand children have different capabilities, hence teacher use multi-sensory activities such assigning, dancing or by playing games to make children familiar with the sounds. It is taught in a very systematic way.

Vowel sounds:

a - apple

e - egg

i - ink-pot

o - ox

u - up

Consonant sounds:

b - ball
c - cat
d - dog
f - fish
g - goat
h - hut
j - jug
k - king
l - lion
m - mat
n - nest
p - parrot
q - queen
r - rat
s - sun
t - tiger
v - vase
w - watch
x - x-mas tree
y - yak
z - zebra

Three letter words :

bat, cat,rat pet, set,met six, fix, mix mop, hop, pop hug, jug, mug

Long Vowel Sounds :

Apron, angel Eagle, eat, easel Iron, ivy Oval, open

It is important that the children practice what is taught at school at home too in a similar way. Lot of parents are scared by the term phonics. But it is the simpler way to teach language to a preschooler. Along with children lot of mothers are also learning phonics to guide their children in a better way. Children those who practice reading at home are found to be better readers than those who do not do so.