Pre-schooling During Pandemic

Preschool Education in India is facing lots of difficulties due to the Pandemic which has exceeded more than a year now. Initial years of learning should be physical which we are lacking due to the current situation all over the world. Online learning has replaced the learning method but it has also shown some drawbacks. Children cannot enjoy physical schooling due to distant learning. They cannot make new friends and talk to them and many more things. Even if it was online, parents were not ready for this change for their toddlers. Parents were confused as to how their little ones would start their initial years of learning online when they are not even familiar with it. It was a very hard decision for parents to agree with online learning. In the past few months, schools have also faced many hurdles. Either the schools have shut down completely or it has shifted to online learning. When we think about how the Pandemic has changed our lifestyle and way of learning, it makes us think twice. We agree that the World is changing but no one thought that it would change so much in very little time. This change is not easy to get used to it. We find it difficult to keep our little ones occupied, by managing all the household chores.

Here are a few tips to keep your little ones occupied.

Children love to explore new things and they have a habit and a kind of curiosity to do those things which we ask them not to do. They find it impulsive as to why we are not supposed to do that thing and whenever they get a chance to do it, they explore it. The question here is how can we stop them? Firstly, you need to find out what makes the children happy? If they love Drawing, Painting; allow them to go ahead with it.

The next thing that makes us think is how to raise toddlers in the pandemic ?

Keep children involved in physical activities such as Activity-rich or fun games. Explain to them the game and play together. This will keep them involved in one or the other game. Also, this will help them in learning new things.

It is important to take good care of toddlers because lack of Knowledge and education can give rise to negative effects on their health and development. Playing plays an important role in learning. So, if you do not play with children, how will they learn? To Conclude, I would say, yes, it is difficult for children to learn many things due to this pandemic but as learning never stops we can always find an alternative to make learning exciting.