Lexicon Kids Pune Mirror Award

Education in today’s era is more than ever important for our young generation to value and grow from their shells. Preschools are always and will remain the most important part of a child’s overall development.

Pune is known for its culturally rich heritage and education, it is popularly known as the Harvard of the east because, of its world-famous educational institutes. Lexicon Group of Institutes is one of the renowned institutes in Pune, which caters to education from Kindergarten to Post-graduation. We have strongly contributed towards the name Harvard of the East through our renowned curriculum and its transactions in our schools.

Lexicon Kids - one of the finest preschools in Pune is a part of this prestigious institute. It’s a place where growth is formulated through extracurricular activities and is given as much importance as usual academics. The school follows the theory of Multiple intelligence and focuses on customizing learning, keeping in mind that every child is unique and learns differently which helps in defining the educational importance of kids and gives them the required environment where they can study and grow.

Lexicon Kids have won many awards, the most recent one is the Bharat Leadership award 2021 presented by Pune Times Mirror, at the hands of Honorable Governor of Maharashtra, on 17 th July 2021 for its outstanding standards of practice and excellence in Early Childhood development and bringing all-round development in a child by creating a learning environment that focuses on the social and emotional development of young minds.

Lexicon Kids believes in enlightening the parents about positive parenting so that it enables them to make their parenting richer and wiser. The constant Endeavour of this preschool is to offer the best of curriculum, methodology with the help of trained staff members which helps children learn in a fun manner. Their goal is to create well-rounded individuals with wholesome characters. This school will help your child develop their potential.

Features and benefits.

  1. Spacious and well-ventilated classrooms.
  2. Beautiful ambiance.
  3. Activity arcade.
  4. Safety and Security features all over campus
  5. Indulges kids into innovative, intellectual, artistic, and social development
  6. Activities like yoga, singing, dancing, creativity are encouraged and enhanced
  7. As part of co-curricular activities, the students are encouraged to participate in various activities and competitions

The most important aspect that parents should focus upon is to ensure that kids enjoy learning and studies.

Hence, enroll your kids now with Lexicon Kids and give them the freedom of evolution and success.