Interesting Ways of Taking Care of a Moody Toddlers

Toddlers can be handful at times with lows and highs and unpredictable mood swings. One minute laughing away to glory and other minute bouts of wailing!!! One must not take it as misbehavior, because they are only finding their own ways to deal with people and get them do what they want. Be patient, explore and manoeuver your way understand and deal with them.

They cannot communicate the way we adults do, they are very small with very limited vocabulary. So, at times they might just freak out not knowing to communicate themselves in a particular situation. So patiently try to analyze the whole situation and find out what is making the toddler uncomfortable and offer solution.

Toddlers do not understand there could be a time limit to complete a certain task. For them their wish is their command, and it has to be completed in a fraction of second. And if there is a slightest of delay, it is enough to put them off. The only way to calm down a toddler in such a situation is to distract them.

Emotion management is something that a child learns with time, quickly gets overwhelmed by strong feelings. And it is difficult for them to quickly shift from one activity to another. For example if a child is having fun swinging and a mother has to tell him or her that it is time to go home child may throw a tantrum. In a situations like this a parent will have explain them that they can participate in other different activities once they go home, like there is child’s favourite food in dinner, the child can listen to a new story at bed time...

A toddler wants to do as he or she pleases all the time, does not want to take no for an answer and it’s always a big deal for them. Offer them choices for the same situation, so that they are satisfied that they are the decision makers and also learning to do the right thing.

Toddlers get tired very fast and require frequent meals, probably every two hours. They get full too very quickly. So, it is always recommended to carry finger foods for them as a quick snack while on the go. It is also advised to avoid any engagements around their meal and nap times.

Some handy tips to control Toddler Tantrums :

  1. Get them communicate in a better way : As toddler has limited vocabulary and find themselves at a loss of word, help them know different words for different things. Make them familiar with gestures. Your constant communication should help them express in a better way.
  2. Have fixed routines : Children take to routines easily. They have difficulty shifting from one activity to another quickly. But if certain activities like mealtime, playing, reading or naptime is followed in a sequence on a regular basis, it becomes a fixed routine for them.
  3. Set ground rules : The first reaction for a toddler to have his way is throw tantrums. Very patiently, but firmly tell the toddler it is inappropriate way of getting things done and will not be appreciated.
  4. Patient hearing : As toddler gain confidence with age, they also improve their communication skills and they are most happy when they are heard. Give them liberty to choose, nothing makes a toddler happier than the freedom to make their own decision.