How To Cure Child Obesity

Chubby kids might be cute, but it could also be a sign of early child obesity, & there could be chances of child continues be obese in adolescent & adulthood too; here are few tips to keep in mind in case you face such situation

  1. Help your child with 2 servings of fruits & salads daily.
  2. Encourage them to have lots of water, avoid aerated drinks.
  3. Never let them eat, when they are bored.
  4. Avoid packed food as it contains more of sugar & saturated fats.
  5. Help them with 40 to 60 minutes of physical exercising daily; they can be in the form of cycling, dancing, running, playing etc.
  6. Encourage them to eat slowly.
  7. Be a role model, parents who eat healthy & exercise regularly set a good example so that a child is more likely to do the same.
  8. Make healthy food more attractive by adding some shapes & colours. Eg: a vegetable sandwich can be presented in a shape of a heart or a smiley by adding some olives to make eyes & a dash of ketchup as a smile.
  9. Praise your child when they make a healthy choice.
  10. Spend time together while doing physical activity

With all this you will help our child to be happy & healthy.