How Do We Overcome the Hard Time?

Despite being the most rational species i.e., humankind, which has mastered and controlled even nature to a greater extent, there have been events that proved to be beyond its capacity too!!

What to do in such a case? Do we give up? Or try to find ways to overcome such adversities?

Definitely, the last option sounds better! - to find a way out! But the question is how to deal with such difficult times? So here are a few tried and tested solutions to survive such gloomy times-

If you want to sail such rough waters smoothly, practice the traits of ‘Acceptance and resilience’. Unless we accept the unexpected challenges, we would never be looking for a solution; acceptance is the stepping stone. Show your sturdiness and deal with the challenges with strength and determination. What if we fail? That’s good, at least you learned what works and what does not!

There are circumstances that are beyond our control; crying over them will only drain us emotionally and physically.

Remember, sturdiness is not to be mistaken as dealing with all the problems all by oneself. Man is a social animal, so connect with your family and friends. Share your feelings and fears; they may or may not be of great help, yet you will feel light. So, speak your heart out with the trusted ones.

On the contrary, we too need to be empathetic towards others and prove to be a kind listeners.

Live in the moment! Only present is in our control, so enjoy with your loved ones! Give your best to the world that is worthy of remembering. Make each moment memorable and you will feel that you are creating your future.

There can be many things attracting you, pick at least one and give time to that. Pursuing a hobby revitalizes us and fills us with positivity and hope. Hobbies are big-time stress-relievers.

Express gratitude! Despite all odds, we too feel we are surely blessed with a few special gifts from the almighty. Nurture those, express your thankfulness, and never give up on prayer. Prayer and meditation have an amazingly calming effect.

Celebrate even the small successes; those will certainly pave your future path. Happiness does not need much, so learn to be content and work for betterment each moment.

Along with emotional health, the importance of physical health too should not be forgotten. So, what are you waiting for! Find time for a brisk walk, exercise, and activity. Be dynamic and agile, and see the difference!

A whole new world is awaiting you! Stretch your arms and hug the beautiful life around you!
Feel blessed and stay happy !