Develop Motor Skills At Home

Fine motor development is an important part of the toddler & early childhood years. In order to learn how to draw & write; the hands must be strong enough to hold writing tools; it is also necessary for independence.

It is easy to strengthen fine motor skills at home with toddlers & preschoolers, we can add fine motor activities into our day to day activities right from zipping our jackets to playing with puzzles or helping in the kitchen, kids can practice these activities in day to day life.

  1. Bubbles: Every child enjoys spending time with bubbles, so use this to develop their skills, blow some bubbles & teach your child to catch them. Blow some towards the ground & show them how to step on them.
  2. Plastic caps: Put some plastic caps of used plastic bottles in an empty tub or plate; help your child pick them up with tongs, they will enjoy this activity; to make this little more attractive you can use pompoms.
  3. Citrus squeezer: Have your child squeeze some soft dough through lemon squeezer; this is all time fun activity for toddlers.
  4. Peeling of masking tape: Tap masking tape of different colours on the table; you can make it more interesting by making different shapes or simply write your child’s name. Now have your child peel off the tape.
  5. Pin the basket: For this activity you will need some clothes pin & a basket or any clothes hanger. Have your child pinch the clothespin & put it around the basket, let them do & redo this activity; they will be engaged for quite some time.

Peeling of simple fruits like bananas & orange gives children an opportunity to develop their fine motor skills.

We all need fine motor skills to do our everyday things; hence if a young child is unable to do these everyday tasks, it can affect their self confidence, ability to develop self care & independence skills. So, help your child be a confident child by using these tips.