Being Appreciated Is The Intense Craving In Human Nature

Rewards and Recognition is a system where people are acknowledged for their good work in intrinsic or extrinsic ways. Recognition & Reward is there in a work environment where there is appropriate acknowledgment and appreciation of a persons’ efforts in a fair and consistent manner

Recognizing people for their qualities like effort, improvement, and cooperation as well, increases self-confidence. It also offers a sense of accomplishment and generates respect in a peer group. Having such a sense of accomplishment spurs improvement in them. Rewards and Recognitions encourage people to be productive in learning both at home and at the workplace. Moreover, rewards and recognitions tend to create a feeling of pride and achievement among learners, thus motivating them to be more productive. It is definite that time should be taken out to recognize one’s achievements as it helps foster engagement, increases productivity, and reduces tension in the work environment.

Rewards And Recognitions

  1. Stimulation of teamwork and high performance can be achieved by rewards and recognitions. It surely makes them go the extra mile in terms of their productivity.
  2. Rewards and Recognitions can strengthen the determination for completing one’s tasks and seeking their goals
  3. On achieving rewards and being recognized for good work one gets encouraged for further development and career growth. It gives them the morale to do more and exceed the expectations, the work sphere has from them

Importance Of Rewards And Recognitions

  1. Productivity Enhancement
  2. A Happy Workplace
  3. Engagement Increment
  4. Motivational Source
  5. Realising one’s own Value
  6. Comradeship in Workplace

Tips to Make Recognition Wacky and Fun-filled

  1. Use funny titles for the awards
  2. Invest in unusual trophies
  3. Certificates craved in wood in various cartoon characters
  4. A funny surprise on reaching the office

Benefits of Integrating Employee Rewards & Recognition Programs into Various HR Strategies

  1. Enhances Employee Satisfaction levels
  2. Attracts Top Talent for Key Roles
  3. Improves Employee Retention Rates
  4. Create an Environment of Self Improvement
  5. Ensure Better Return on Investment

Examples for Innovative Award Names

  1. Spot Awards
    • Spotlight
    • Limelight
    • Ninja
    • You Rock
    • Wow
    • Awesome Job
    • Home Run
    • Finisher
  2. Team Recognition
    • The Rockstars
    • Avengers
    • Team Uno
    • Hot Shots
    • The Masters
    • The Samurais
    • The Unbeatables
    • The Ninjas
  3. Peer-to-peer Recognition
    • Go-to Guy
    • Cheers to peers
    • Pat on the back
    • U R A Hero
    • Round of Applause
    • High Fives
    • Salute
  4. Business Impact Award
    • You Made it Happen!
    • You Nailed It!
    • Yes, You Did It!
    • The Transformer
    • Hitting the Mark
    • Top Scorer
    • Big Bang
  5. Consistent Performance
    • Numero Uno
    • League of Honor
    • Megastar
    • Top Gun
    • Evangelist
    • Hit Machine
    • Truly Special
  6. Long Service Award
    • Celebrating You
    • Pillar of the Company
    • Celebrating You
    • Golden Glory
    • You Matter
    • Silver Years
    • The Rock

“People may take a job for more money, but they often leave it for more recognition”.

How do you promote recognition in the workplace?

Recognition in the workplace is to be promoted by providing employees/learners with opportunities to learn and help them make themselves innovative. To take it a step further, it will also be great to incentivize learning and reward those who have taken the time to focus on self-improvement. The way an organization’s leader manages the employees/learner also plays a significant factor in employee/learner motivation. The company’s valuable assets are retained as well the hard work of employees/learners is recognized.

The best method to measure the success of a rewards & recognition (R & R) program in an organization?

One of the best ways to measure the success of an R&R program in an organization is to seek direct feedback from the employees/learners. Online surveys or even paper surveys would help here. By receiving the feedback of employees/learners, organizations can gain a better insight into the views and opinions of the individual members of the workforce about the employee/learner rewards and recognition program. The before and after satisfaction levels of employees and learners can be the alternative way of measuring the performance of R&R.This can be done by asking questions which are to be answered by the members that can help organizations access the overall satisfaction level of the members of its workforce as well as answering specific questions related to their views about the organization’s rewards and recognition practices. A major benefit of a successful R&R program is that it helps organizations improve their talent retention rates. Thus, this can ensure the success rates to be rising up.

The recognition should be timely. Recognition delayed is recognition denied.

Recognition, just like motivation, should be frequent. It is only valid when handed out regularly.

Implementing a Reward System :

  1. Clarifying Your Vision
  2. Building A Committee
  3. Defining a Clear Characteristics
  4. Defining a Clear Criteria
  5. Ensuring Successful Implementation

If you don’t create, a great rewarding place for people to work, they won’t do great work!!!

Awards and Recognition Ceremonies Are All An Applause Of Discipline