10 Ways Teaching Aids Help Children Learn Better

Anything that aids teaching is a teaching aid. It helps children learn complex topics better. Teaching aid discourages rote- learning and encourages children to understand the concepts.

Why are teaching aids important?

How best a child learns a particular topic depends upon how the topic was explored in the class at different level using variety of teaching material. Each child has different learning capabilities, hence a teacher to use multi-sensory ways to teach the child. With the advent of science and technology, the today’s world of teaching makes up of different types of teaching equipment and material. It creates interest and love of learning in the child. It enhances vocabulary and provides hands on learning experience to the child.

Different Types of Teaching Aids:

Audio Aids: The aids that use the sense of hearing are called Audio aids. For example: - radio, audio cassettes, record player.

Visual Aids: The aids which use sense of vision are called Visual aids. For example :- Flash cards, models, pictures, charts, maps, real objects, bulletin board, chalkboard, overhead projector, slides etc.

Audio-visual aids: The aids which us the sense of vision as well as hearing are called Audio- Visual aids. For example: - television, Laptop, film projector, film strips etc.

10 Ways Teaching Aids Help Children Learn Better Teaching aids play a very important role in Teaching- Learning process.

  1. Discourages rote learning: It discourages cramming in children, instead children are encourage to understand and explore the topic for better understanding.
  2. Motivates children: It motivates children for better learning experience.
  3. Clarity of subject:Through teaching aids, the children have better clarity of the subject.
  4. Increased Vocabulary: Teaching aids helps to enhance the vocabulary of the students and instils confidence.
  5. Saves time and energy: Teachers can make teaching aids and use it multiple times
  6. Makes Classroom Lively: It makes classrooms vibrant, lively and colourful.
  7. Avoids Dullness: Children are spoilt with choice of learning material, they are not bored.
  8. Interactive Learning: Involves children, thus giving direct experience to children.
  9. Avoids Missing Out on Topics: Since they are pre-planned, there are less chances of omitting important topics.
  10. Scope for re-enforcement: With pre-made materials there is enough scope of repetition and re-enforcement thus felicitating process of learning.