Vital things to check for admission to CBSE

High school is an evaluative time in a student’s life. This is when a student’s academic & professional future would be determined to a great extent. The key to choosing the best school lies first in understanding your child’s academic needs , with the current education system CBSE schools are proving to be the right choice as the curriculum is comprehensive & is designed in such a way that helps students develop analytical abilities & reasoning skills. Many students, after completing their school , aspire to become Engineers or doctors & start their preparation for competitive exams like IIT- JEE or AIIMS. The students passed out from CBSE schools perform better in exams.

So here are some points that will help you select the best CBSE schools. Distance from home: Remember when you are enrolling your child into a school, it is not for a short span. So, make sure that the travel time to school does not affect the child. There has to be room for extracurricular activities. So, opt for a school that does not take much time to commute.

  • Safety : This is undoubtedly an important factor for your child. Make sure the environment of school is good & the management emphasizes on safety, security of children & staff alike.
  • Size : This includes both school size & class size. Parents should check class size to get to know about the teacher's interaction with each student & look for students performance carefully.
  • Exam Structure : Unlike most cases, CBSE exams are too structured, hence it’s very important for you to understand the grading system of the school.
  • Teaching Methodologies : The most important thing is to know how a school prepares your child for the future. What are the learning strategies & skills they are using as one of the goals for schools should be to inculcate the love for learning, you can be sure that your child would be on the path to success, children should feel challenged & strive to do better, it should be instilled in your child through interesting activities & competitions; schools should also provide its students with opportunities to enhance their non-academic skills. Activities like singing, painting & sports help in the overall development of a child.
  • Building an Emotional Foundation : Parents should pay extra attention to their children from grade 6 th , solely because this is generally the age when students get involved in academic writing. Up till grade 5 th there are many other ways in which a child is able to express himself like mind maps, drawing & other ways of communication; while choosing a school one should see an institute that imbibes life skills through an active curriculum, fostering lateral thinking.
    CBSE curriculum not focuses on academic development but also aims to foster skills & personality development for your child. With exposure to a wide variety of activities & competition; CBSE board aims to boost your child’s confidence & make them ready for education beyond school.

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