How to get a preschooler ready for online schooling everyday

We encounter a lot of situations in parenthood with the current worldly situation you probably know this one all too.Think of a time when you are sitting with your toddler while he/she is involved in some activity you’ve sourced and you remember some work that needs to be completed and you ask your child to excuse you for two minutes promising you would be back.

Those two minutes must be a short time for you but that's all your child needs to be distracted and start running around. So now we are under lockdown, which means if we need to have a calendar planned to keep our toddler occupied. The teachers have surely worked towards preparing a schedule and lesson plan that will ensure every child learns far from school and at the same time is having fun. What gets challenging here is to get the child to sit through the complete session planned by the experts which at times requires parent involvement. So, how do you get your child to attend an online session?

Having a designated area for school work is a must, try to have fewer distractions. It is important to get into a “school mindset” when in that area. This can be a spare room or even a corner in the house ; remember to use the designated area only for school purposes.

Make sure this area is quiet and has a door that can be closed. This will give your child privacy when they’re working, talking to their teachers or taking an exam. Allow flexible seating to make space for a cosy spot to read or for a change of pace during the school day. Beanbags, hammock chairs, shaggy rugs, and oversized pillows can help your child relax and take a break while reading, drawing, or using a device between classes. Promote your child’s health. Ensure there is enough light for reading and taking notes. The monitor should be at an eye level and your child's chair must be comfortable and offer back support.

Stock this area with school supplies! Include pens, pencils, markers, paper, notebooks, and any other tools your student may need besides the computer.

The best way to experience virtual school is on a desktop or laptop where you can view lessons full screen. You’ll also need storage to save backup copies of your child’s work!

Ensure to Include physical activity during breaks, such as running around Though you may already have an assigned hour for physical activity in your kid’s daily routine, this is additional. Think of your child as a little bundle of increasing energy.

Thus to handle the problem of attention span of your child you cannot be shouting at them or forcing them to be seated to attend their online class and finish the given task, it is not the right solution.Below mentioned are a few reasons why children . find it difficult to sit for a long time.

  1. Short Attention Span : One of the biggest reasons why children cannot sit still is because they have a limited attention span and as they grow their attention span becomes longer.So,if you are doing the same thing for a long time it will only make your child get up and run .
  2. Too Many Distractions : The other fact is having too many visuals around, such as the Television, games, stuffed toys, blocks etc. which will always grab your child’s attention and get them distracted, as a child would want to play with everything around. The most attention grabbing thing should be the class and not the surroundings.
  3. Being Forced to Concentrate : A child does not really understand studying. They tend to only learn something new if it is fun and manages to catch their interest. If parents get impatient with them and start yelling and force them to perform a task, the fun attached to it is sucked out, so naturally the child ends up doing that thing they HAVE to do, rather than want to do. God forbid, the screaming!