How and why to choose the best preschool in Pune?

One of the most important decisions in a parent’s life is to choose an appropriate home away from home for their child i.e a preschool. Once you have explored and researched all the pros and cons of sending your child to a preschool the next step is to find the best preschool in Pune which will be a haven for your child to create beautiful memories and learn the early lessons of life. The first step is to ask for recommendations from your family and friends followed by conducting a brief research of the pre-primary schools through various platforms.

Some key factors in considering before taking admission in a pre-primary school in Pune are :

  1. Distance : It is not recommended for a child to travel long distances and spend hours while commuting to school, as attending a pre-school is a significant change in their life wherein he/she is learning to spend a few hours away from home and parents thus making it important to make sure that the transition is comforting and smooth.Choosing a school away from home will not only get the child exhausted but would create a sense of feeling in a child of not wanting to go to school at all. Thus, it is highly advocated to look for pre-primary schools that are in your vicinity. However if you are determined to enroll your child in a particular pre- school that is away you would need to inquire on the transport facilities available with the pre- school as renowned pre- schools are equipped with transport facilities that are safe and comfortable.
  2. Campus : A visit to the pre-schools that have been shortlisted by you is recommended before making any final decision. Know that the most important factor is the safety of your child and not the size or exuberance. A child centric campus is what you should be seeking, considering that your child would be spending more than 2- 3 hours of his time in the building. You must be thoroughly convinced with the safety and security arrangements in the pre-school building.
  3. Reviews of the school : Enquire about the factors like the credibility of the school, the experience of the person in the managerial role, the management incharge and their experience, the passed out students from the previous batch.Go through the website of the pre-school and their social media handles, reading reviews would also give you a fair idea about the reputation of the pre- school.
  4. Faculty : The best preschool exhibits teachers who exude warmth and love. A second mother who will be nurturing your child and be responsible for his/her well-being.Thus making this factor the most central while choosing a preschool.Make it a must to go meet the faculties and teachers. It is vitally important that you are completely convinced that the teachers are adequately qualified, once you are satisfied you should proceed with the admission with a faith that your children will be in the best of hands.
  5. Curriculum : The curriculum in every preschool can vary, thus making it important to check the teaching methodologies and curriculum before enrolling your child in a pre primary admission for your child in Pune. A curriculum not only shapes the personality of your child but also refines their skills at the pre-primary level which is essential for your child before they get into mainstream academics .Therefore it is essential to converse with the academic head and understand the kind of activities that would be conducted in the school and thematic learning strategies along with play- based teaching methodologies along with the subjects taught in the pre-school. 6) Communication and Approachability-A good preschool will always be transparent in terms of communicating with the parents.The parent and the school need to walk hand in hand for achieving the common goal that is the betterment of the child.Thus before you enroll your child in a preschool do not forget to find out the mode of communication.Remember to be acknowledged with the frequency of availability of the teachers or principal to address any of your concerns.

Always remember your child deserves the best, so you need to go an extra mile to find out the best Preschool in your vicinity once your child has reached the best age to attend preschool. Do not forget to consider the above points before you make an informed decision.