Importance of Family Time

“You have a lifetime to work, but children are young only once”

Parents spending time together with children is very important for building strong family bonds, making memories, and creating a healthy environment for children back home, spending quality time with children ensures positivity at home and in the life of our young children who are looking forward to a strong and positive leader at home.
A family is a place where our roots take hold and it is a place where we grow and are molded with love and hear lots of stories which prepare us to experience things in the world and how to react to such experiences, we learn lifelong values at an early age and these help us throughout our lives.
For your kids time, you spend is very precious that is imbibed in their memories forever.Family time does not merely mean lunch or dinner breaks with children or just taking them to the mall and help them buy their favorite toys.
Family time is the undivided time that you spend with your child away from your gadgets, work, and stress. We often think that it’s all about quantity when it comes to time spent with our kids, whereas it is the quality time we need to give our children.

Why Family time is Important

For those who still doubt the importance of family time, mentioned are a few points below to put things in a better perspective.

  1. 1. To build a strong bond with your family :

    Your kids need a sense of belonging and security when you spend time together with the child and participate with them in different activities like reading, sports, hobbies they feel good and know that there is someone whom they can look up to and turn back to, this ensures sense of belongingness and strong family bonds are developed. The least that parents can do is invest in mealtime without the distraction of TV and mobile phones.

  2. 2. Make Time to talk and listen :

    We need to spare some time to listen to your children, they so look forward to narrating their experiences, we should always remember that as children we also use to like the only people who listened to us and made us feel important, similarly, this makes your little one feel special, listening does not mean you only hive them an ear, but make sure that you are equally involved.

  3. 3. Creating Memories :

    Memories are something each one of us cherishes, and we should always keep on adding them. Involving children in daily household chores under your supervision will not only build their confidence in doing things on their own but will create some unforgettable memories. Learning to work and play as a family is one of the best lessons taught so children develop into competent adults and parents in the future.

  4. To inculcate family rituals and traditions :

    Children are always observing us, hence by spending family time children understand and learn some important day today things from the way we greet to the way we eat. By celebrating different events together children know what has to be done on all different occasions that we celebrate and this helps inculcate our traditional values and ritual in them to be carried forwarded to the next generation.

So, the importance of Family time helps us create a sense of belongingness, where you can share ideas, values, beliefs and connect to some make some fun times together. Children grow up and are gone before you realize it, so spend time with them as time flies away and remember strong families are able to stand together in a time of setbacks with a positive attitude, shared values and beliefs that help to cope up with challenges. Parents, family time is the investment you are making in developing the personality of children.