How to get your preschooler interested in learning to read

It is very important for kids to learn to read. When kids are able to read, they will find it easier to learn other subjects. They can learn more about the world outside your home and understand more about their surroundings. This can help them to develop self-confidence apart from your guidance and support at home. But getting a kid interested in something is not always easy.
Even though technology increases day by day, reading is not going anywhere. Books allow the young to learn new things, expand their imagination and grow in many ways. This blog will help parents to encourage kids to love literacy and enjoy the way books unfold their imagination.

Reading is one of the best ways to engage a child's interest in learning. It helps them develop the skills they need as they explore the world around them.

They will ask questions and seek answers. Give them a story to go with their particular activity. Introduce books that interest them and use Story Time as an opportunity to read aloud to them. Explain basic words and activities using Picture Cards. Show them pictures of things they can draw – today's subject being the fabulous garden we have in our garden, or a favorite character from a book they like. Reading time is a magical time. It's a special time to bond with your child. Sit together and enjoy a story. Or make up your own stories to go with what you are doing in the garden or for the day. It’s a great way to spend time without a screen.
Reading together is a chance for preschoolers to hear many different words and learn new language. It's also a great opportunity to interact with your child and teach them things. It is one of the easiest skills to teach even a young child. It doesn’t matter if your child is three or six months old, if you read them a book or show them pictures, they will want to look at again and again. When learning to read, we don’t just want them to spell words correctly, we want them to form concepts, build sentences and understand whole books.
Reading is fun for preschoolers, even if they don't understand every word. Even if they don’t get all the words right. But just let them keep reading and practice spelling. You want them to develop the right skills for reading and writing as soon as possible. Here are some ways to get your preschooler’s attention when they are interested in learning to read:

  1. 1. Read books to them regularly.
  2. 2. Offer reading and writing activities as jobs in their free time.
  3. 3. Make reading fun by using games or movies.

3 Tips to get involved in the process

  1. 1. Establish a reading routine

    If you want your child to learn to read, reading a story every day/night together is a great habit to start early. Before long, you can turn this responsibility over to your child. Ten minutes a night adds up to more than an hour each week helping your child learn to read. Better yet, watching you read gives them a model for what reading is like.

    Research indicates that setting aside time daily to read to and with your child can substantially increase their reading abilities in many areas, including:

    • I. Reading comprehension
    • II. Vocabulary skills
    • III. Learning to recognise words that they already know
    • IV. Learning to sound out unfamiliar words
  2. 2. Let them choose

    Children who do not look forward to reading can become bored easily or potentially even mischievous. It is important for parents to read to their children regularly so that they get the enjoyment and enjoyment from reading that they need. Some children will naturally prefer books that have pictures in them instead of words, but if you only allow your child to read books that have words in them, they may start to miss out on the enjoyment that reading can provide.

  3. 3. Use alternatives

    Reading should be an integral part of children's activities, not a separate activity. Reading books is not the only form of reading. Make them involved in reading beyond books. For example, the cover of their favorite snacks or title of their favorite cartoon show.

It’s simple, you can help your child enjoy reading by getting involved in the process.