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About Lexicon Kids

A unique Pre School which enhances a child’s Multiple Intelligence and builds a Strong base. This is the First Pre School in the country to practice the Theory of Multiple Intelligences. The School was started by The Sukhdev & Kamal Sharma Educational trust in 2008. The sole aim of the trust is to impart quality education to the citizens of tomorrow i.e. our children with sole motive of instilling confidence to Believe In Themselves. We believe in education along with modern technology to keep pace with the fast changing face of our world. Learning, Growing, Excelling along with Innovation are the pillars of our strength. The objectives of the School will be met by contribution from a well selected advisory board comprising of educationists, scientists, industrialists and doctors.

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At Lexicon KIDS we believe that each student should get proper attention from the teacher. Keeping this in mind we have only 15 students in each class with one Teacher and a helper.

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If you are looking at the definition of a pre-school or a play school, then the dictionary suggests it to be an educational institution for children too young for elementary school. For parents, it is a common place where toddlers meet, play and spend time together under the supervision of a teacher or two.

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Caterpillar to Butterfly

“C 2 B.” This program is meticulously planned to bring out the best in Children.
The activities conducted in C2B are specifically designed for LKG and UKG students. To ensure holistic development in alignment of the schools philosophy, every child is...

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Child Development Center

If there’s anything that parents aspire for their little ones is to be well developed personalities.
Working parents today find it challenging to give time to children and impart crucial learning.
At Lexicon Kids, we recognize and substantiate...

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Learning is a lifelong process and we work on teaching students the art of “how to learn”. We believe that each child is unique and our teaching methods are based on individual knowledge, interests and specific needs. Teachers are constantly engaged as facilitators and not distributors of knowledge. Review mechanisms are in place to check progress and changes are adapted wherever required.


An old proverb says,“It takes a whole village to raise a child”. We are committed to develop skill sets in our children to be Caring, Appreciative, Independent, Reflective, Risk Takers, Open minded, Passionate and responsible to the society. Our holistic academic approach is to equip them to be morally strong and enable them to face the problems of real world.


Excellence is not a skill but an attitude, said Ralph Marston. We believe in igniting passion among children to put their best in each and every-thing they do. Excellence does not mean doing great things but doing small things in a great manner is also excellence. The warmth and positive energy with which our pre-primary teachers infuse the classroom is palpable. Our aim is to enforce a strong academic foundation whilst tapping into the natural interest children have in their surrounding world. They dare, They Fall, They Learn, They get up, They smile, They win… That’s excellence.


Innovation for us means stepping outside the box and change the way of doing things. Flexibility in curriculum, lesson planning and instructional techniques are adopted to inculcate curiosity among students and keeping them interested in the subject.We teach students on how to work on their imagination, not to be afraid of new things, take risks and learn from mistakes.

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