Parents Speak

"I would like to thank the entire team of Lexicon Kids Viman Nagar for taking care of the studies of our child during the pandemic, in such a beautiful manner. Additionally, I would also acknowledge that it takes a lot of efforts to manage the team so nicely. Kudos to you for the same."

Neelam & Nishant Chalasany

Parents of Kanak Chalasany
Lexicon Kids Viman Nagar

"It is a pleasure to be part of Lexicon Kids. Our Kid is so well taught and speaks very clearly things in all languages and his communication has increased."

Rekha Tikekar

Mother of Aaransh Tikekar
Lexicon Kids Kharadi

"We thank you for building a beautiful preschool for our beloved children. And we thank you for staffing it with a unique group of multi-talented teachers. You have indeed created a splendid bouquet of teachers and with your generous praise – you bring each kid into full bloom."

Sarini & Ankit Agarwal

Parents of Ashima Agarwal
Lexicon Kids Kharadi

"I personally want to thank you for your vision and the way Lexicon develops programs for kids. Not only academics but also kids get a great platform to learn the culture and traditions of the country.They celebrate all the festivals with great zeal and joy."

Deepak Srivastava

Father of Nimay Srivastava
Lexicon Kids Kharadi

"We are really satisfied with her performance especially when she was lacking in her vocal skills. The credit goes to their all-round development program, C2B, which had a tremendous impact on her; she has no stage fear now and can talk to anyone.
We are also impressed by their methods of imparting social skills like social responsibility (Visiting NGOs, meeting police and armed forces), discipline, punctuality and mutual- respect."

Sourabh Jain

Father of Aarini Jain
Lexicon Kids Viman Nagar

"Thanks for taking care of Aryash for the last 3+ years and enabling him to build a capacity for learning more complex things in future. Initial years are critical in any kid's life and I am glad Aryash was in Lexicon Kids during this period."

Abhishek Chaturvedi

Father of Aryansh Chaturvedi
Lexicon Kids Mundhwa

"School not only teaches academics but also develops good habits and focuses on other activities. We are impressed with the overall performance of the school. "

Pravin Surandase

Lexicon Kids Mundhwa

"I feel so amazed to see how much initiative each and every teacher is taking while conducting online class and engaging each and every kid, giving attention to almost all the kids, making classes as much interesting as they can, and bringing a smile on the faces of the kids."

Shilpa Mandal

Mother of Ahana Das
Lexicon Kids Dhanori