day care & child development center

THE MAIN FOCUS: Mould, Create and Recreate the fledglings into beautiful eagles that are unstoppable.

The Lexicon Kids Time include a Myriad of Acts
  • Props/ Problem Solve

    Thinking caps on, as the child is encouraged to use a prop as anything apart from its original use. Eg: Pen can be transformed as a make believe flute, thermometer, spice pounder, torch et al.
    Conceptualize problems for kids to solve, and increase critical thinking and intelligences.

  • Acting Skills

    Poems/Play/Choral recitation ensures that the child is given character and lines, making them confident, as they learn Orator skills, interact with other children and work in unison, i.e. Team work.

  • Impart Manners and Etiquettes

    To be grounded even on an exalted position, shows the genuine upbringing of an individual. Utmost importance and trainings given to kids to imbibe the best values, as they soar to attain their goals.

Linguistic Skills, French - A Tot Step, Tongue Twisters, Fantasy Land, StorySessions, Math, Science, Environment Concepts, General Knowledge, Memory Tacklers, Cookery, Challenging Indoor/Outdoor works, Mandalas

Happy Child Learning lists go on and on… The only way to know is to have a tete a tete with Lexicon Kids Daycare & Child Development Centre.


An expert, in the form of a Consulting Nutritionist on board to administerthe right choices of food for our Lexicon Day Care Kids. As most importantly “RIGHT FOOD EATEN IS RIGHT BRAIN and BODY SPENT”.


  • Qualified and Responsible Attendants
  • Clean & Hygienic Surroundings
  • Age Defined Activities
  • Flexibility in Timings between 9-7
  • (Long Durations, Short Durations)
  • CCTV Surveillance
  • Legal and Licensed Set up

Lexicon Kids Day Care and Child Development Centre, forever strives to tap the innate potentials of our kids, with fresher and better activities each year to be at par with the changing times, as we take on kids from ages 1.6 to 11years, with the right curriculum.