Child Development Center

Introduce your child to a world of creativity.

If there’s anything that parents aspire for their little ones is to be well developed personalities.
Working parents today find it challenging to give time to children and impart crucial learning.

At Lexicon Kids, we recognize and substantiate this requirement with (CDC) Child Development Center. It is a skill enhancement program for young learners between age of 3 yrs- 11yrs, providing elements to progress ahead with a big Bang. It’s a flexible program woven intricately along with the school curricula where the enrollment is possible on hourly basis. The program has been designed to provide a facility for parents, who would like to extend the school hours without compromising on the quality of care and love their little ones get at home. We understand that children need stimulation to learn in their formative years, and exposing them to a variety of activities through song, play, and dance will help develop their gross motor, auditory and sensory skills.

At Lexicon Kids, with the CDC program we have developed the 3 C’s,Confidence, Creativity, Character. We unlock it bit by bit….

What do children learn?

  1. Languages- French, Dutch, Hindi, English
  2. Phonics
  3. Brain games, Tongue twisters.
  4. Arts and Crafts
  5. Building Vocabulary and Pronunciation.
  6. Story-telling and World of Fantasy
  7. Dance/Music/Drama

The CDC is designed keeping in mind the child’s multiple Intelligences and senses.
Know more about the program from our helpdesk at any Lexicon Kids branch.